Natural treatment of swollen legs and feet

Swelling is caused by fluid buildup known as edema. Once it affects your arms, legs, hands and feet, it’s noted as peripheral edema. We have a tendency to retain water as a result of blood vessels in our arms, legs, hands, and feet expand or dilate, which can be caused by hot or wet weather, or probably, variety of different problems.

Dilation makes it easier for fluid to get around of blood vessels into the encircling tissue, inflicting the tissue to swell. Sitting or standing in one position for a protracted time while not moving pulls the fluid down towards you hands, legs, and feet, creating the swelling worse.

1. Massaging your hands
if your hands seem to be swollen, enhance the circulation and liquid body substance avoidance by applying lotion to your hands and massaging them. Begin with the fingertips then move right down to the hand and therefore the radio carpal joint. As an alternative choice, exercise your hands by holding them at chest level then clench and clench your hands. To try and do this effectively, gently build a hand, then open your hand and unfold your fingers. Do that many times every day.

2. Keeping your legs elevated
keeping your legs elevated whereas sitting for prolonged periods can facilitate cut back the water retention in your body. Place a comfortable, compact ottoman below your table, or place your legs up and rest your feet on an additional chair. Propping your feet Au fiat a number of pillows whereas lying on the seat or in bed will facilitate. Make certain to not endure the swelling. If this happens, it will cause your skin and tissue to stretch and alter and should conjointly cause a lot of serious and lasting edema.

3. Sporting compression stockings
if you wish to square for a protracted time throughout the day, wear a support stocking or compression knee-deep stockings. This may facilitate the blood circulation between your feet and your heart. Compression stockings are available in several designs and colors, costs vary from $10 to $100. They conjointly place sizes and pressures. Therefore once shopping for compression stockings on-line, choose a bender which will give steering on size and compression desires.

4. Taking walking breaks typically
if you are unable to stay your legs elevated whereas sitting down, make certain to require frequent walking breaks. Aim to require short, five-minute walks each hour more or less. This may increase the circulation and find your vascular system to pump out excess fluid.

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