how to make a grilled cheese sandwich

Everybody thinks that they knowledge to create a good grilled cheese sandwich, right? you {simply} simply need to butter some sliced bread, place it butter-side-down in an exceedingly skillet, add some cheese on prime, add one more slice of buttered bread, grill away, then flip! straightforward peasy!

While following this methodology will definitely end in a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, what if we tend to told you that there is the way to create grilled cheese even better? in truth, in keeping with Pure Wow, the key ingredient you must be exploitation is salad dressing, not butter! in keeping with Pure Wow, “Mayo spreads higher than butter will (crucial once you’re employing a softer bread like brioche) and encompasses a higher smoke purpose (meaning it won’t burn as easily). Plus, the oil and egg in salad dressing brown nicely and add a creamy flavor to the crust.”

Sounds sensible, right? however do not simply take our word for it! merely follow these directions, and obtain able to style the most effective grilled cheese you have ever had.
Grilled Cheese With salad dressing
• a pair of slices of sandwich bread
• a pair of slices of store cheese
• a pair of or three tsp. mayonnaise

1. Heat a slippy skillet over low heat.

2. unfold a good coat of salad dressing over the slices of bread.

3. Place one slice within the pan, mayo-side-down.

4. Place the cheese slices over the bread within the pan.
5. Add the opposite slice, mayo-side-up.

6. Cook for a few of minutes, till rock bottom slice is golden-brown.

7. Flip the sandwich, and cook till the cheese is unfrozen, and therefore the alternative slice is additionally golden-brown.

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