CJP Mian Saqib Nisar visited KPK and ordered KP CM to appear before the court

The CJP, who was hearing a Suo motu case at the Supreme Court’s Peshawar register, ordered KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak to look before the court and justify the explanations behind his government’s shortcomings.
Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Thursday censured the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government over its failure to supply clean drinking water to citizens and also the inadequate progress created by it for the disposal of waste and industrial waste.
When the chief minister appeared before the three-member bench, the CJP enlightened him that he had visited Peshawar’s woman Reading Hospital (LRH) earlier within the day however determined no improvement within the state of affairs there.

“Do you recognize what’s the population of metropolis [and] what quantity waste is flowing into its streams?” he asked Khattak, who remained silent in response.

“It is your duty to satisfy the general public, that you did not do,” remarked the CJP, who is in Peshawar  for a two-day visit throughout that he is going to be hearing cases at the SC’s metropolis register

The CJP determined that the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)-led government makes tall claims, however, asked the chief minister what percentage new hospitals and colleges were made throughout the last 5 years of his government, that he stressed was “not a brief quantity of time”.

“The locution of ‘honor the vote’ is being raised [by political leaders], [but] the $64000 honor lies in serving the general public,” Justice Nisar remarked.

Chief Minister Khattak then defended his government’s performance, voice communication the structure of faculties and hospitals were in an exceedingly shambles once he started and things have since improved

“You would have seen [how dangerous true was] if you had visited four years past,” he said, adding that the results of his administration’s instructional and alternative efforts can become apparent 4-5 years later.

But the CJP appeared dubious, locution he has had to face “hopelessness” from each aspect. The same he was cognizant that things were being cleaned up in Peshawar every week before of his visit.

Justice Nisar had earlier in the day grilled provincial officers over the steps taken to make sure that clean drinkable is out there to voters.

“Which canal are you throwing Peshawar’s waste into?” he asked KP cabinet minister Azam Khan, before asking why no selling ground existed within the town for the aim.

Justice Nisar took the secretary to task once he educated the court that sewerage water is dropped into canals and rivers. “You say everything is sweet here … wherever is your ‘good governance’?” he asked.

At the offset of the hearing of a case regarding the disposal of hospitals’ waste, the CJP had remarked that the conditions in hospitals of Karachi and Lahore has improved on the court’s orders and asked the health secretary what things were like in KP.

The health secretary unconcealed that a complete of one,570 hospitals are in operation within the province whereas 2 districts lack a section headquarters (DHQ) hospital. On the court’s orders, the secretary additionally submitted a report regarding the method adopted by the govt. to get rid of medical waste.


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