A new record of Bitcoin price touch the $3,500

BITCOIN’S worth has surged to a contemporary record high amid a modification to the blockchain technology that underpins the crypto currency.
So-called ‘Segregated Witness’ (SegWit) is ready to unravel the long dealings times on the currency network.

The modification saw Bitcoin jump on top of $3,500, double the lows $1,852 reached last month.

Uncertainty over the longer term of the digital currency had crashed Bitcoin’s worth, however fears currently seem to possess subsided once a split within the currency.

The fork saw the creation of Bitcoin money, a separate currency, and price around a tenth of bitcoin.

The implementation of SegWit has currently seen Bitcoin jump by an enormous 264 per cent this year alone.

Charles Hayter, chief govt of London-based digital currency knowledge firm Crypto Compare, told news channel : “Segwit activates this afternoon and there’s lots of hope that the network can free with lower group action fees changing into the new traditional.

“The SegWit activation exposes comes that bring some capability to the bitcoin network. rather than bitcoin being command back by infighting, it’s currently blue skies of chance in what is designed.”

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