Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong signed an American free trade deal

South Korea signed a trade wear down 5 Central yankee countries on Wed, while national capital and Washington spar over their existing FTA.

Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong signed the treaty with economic ministers from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Central American country and Panama, same a spokesperson for the national capital ministry.

The treaty, which is able to get in every country because it ratifies it, also will give the world´s 11th-largest economy with a “third route” to the North American country within the face of mounting trade economic policy in Washington, it said.

South Korea and therefore the North American country have their own trade agreement, referred to as KORUS, however have begun talks on renegotiating it at Washington´s demand.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly condemned the written agreement as a “horrible deal” and a “disaster”, and therefore the 2 allies’ ar hostile over tariffs on steel, laundry machines and alternative merchandise obligatory by Washington in recent weeks.

South Korea´s economy is heavily enthusiastic about international trade and therefore the Central yankee written agreement can facilitate it export additional product like cars, iron and steel, home appliances and textiles to the region, the trade ministry statement same.

It ran a surplus of nearly $1.9 billion with the the 5 Central yankee countries last year, in keeping with figures from South Korean trade body KITA, with exports of $2.2 billion and imports price $333 million.

The agreement came once thirty two months of talks to ease tariffs and lower barriers with six central yankee countries, though Guatemala set to remain outside the deal for currently.


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